Property damage can happen due to many reasons. Damage is always damage and measures should be taken by the owner of the property to restore it back to running condition as soon as possible and in the best way possible. Water damage, fire damage, hurricane damage, and smoke damage are the common claims that an owner of a property, whether domestic or business, normally makes. We as a public property adjustment firm extend our support, guidance, service, and concern so as to satisfy our clients and bring out the best solution for them that ensures full recovery. However, apart from these claims, we also take care of other claims. These are not as common as the others mentioned, but they are important in terms of livelihood.

We take care of vehicle impact. If you are typically insured, your house will be protected from vehicle impact. This means that in case you find a vehicle driving through your office, your living room or maybe your store front if you are a retailer, your insurance policy will cover the damages that you incur. We are there to make sure you are availed of the best claim settlements.
Animals can be as dangerous as natural calamities like storms and flood. Every year you could witness hundreds of homes getting destroyed by animals. You would see that your insurance policy does not cover the damages inflicted to your house by rodents. If your policy is written in this kind of language, this means that you can make claims for repairing damages and also to remove bats from your house. Bats are considered to be mammals and are thus not classified as rodents.

Generally speaking, your standard insurance policy would not cover the property damages that are inflicted by rodents. But there are some special cases where you can make claims for the damage done to your property by animals like skunks and raccoons. If your property has been damaged by animal droppings or other excretions, your health is at risk. Hence, you can make potential claims for recovery of your property. Whether it be a replacement of things in your dwelling areas, such as ceilings, floors or walls, you can definitely ask for a thorough cleaning.

Surprisingly enough, we often find our clients themselves causing damage to their own property by mistake. This kind scenario is called stupidity and falls within the jurisdiction of our claim settlement. We can help you in getting your insurance company to repair your damages.
A certain type of claim that is completely unpredictable is the cleaning of trauma or crime scenes. A crime or trauma can happen anytime, and it requires someone to clean the mess. In case your business establishment or dwelling is messed up with blood stains or other hazardous fluids, you need to call upon professional help for a cleanup. The cost that you have to incur to restore the dwelling victimized by such crime scenes is huge, and recovery of such claims can be made easy and effective with us.

Hence, you have a host of reasons to hire us and make the most of our amazing services.

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